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Why Bring Your Pets To Irving TX Veterinary

Visiting a vet is essential for your pets. It may be a hassle to schedule an appointment, but you must see that your pet gets proper care. Here at Irving TX Veterinary, your pet gets special treatment like the others, and we made a list below for you to choose us:

  • Pets can hide symptoms easily. Dogs and cats can easily hide any sign of sickness. So owners should monitor them. However, constant monitoring them takes a lot of time as you also have to go to work or do something important. Bring your pets over so we can have your pet checked thoroughly to find any underlying sickness.
  • You can avoid future problems. Our vets will give you tips and tricks and educate you on why our pets are acting strange, or they may seem strange for us. In this way, you can save money from future problems because you will already know what is going on.
  • Your pets are getting older day by day. As our pets grow old, they get prone to different kinds of illnesses. With regular visits to Irving Veterinary, we will be able to prevent any of these illnesses from happening as we monitor your pet’s medical records.
  • It saves you money. It is very cost-effective to have your pets checked. We will make sure that your pet is always in its best condition when you bring your pets to us regularly.

Not because your pet looks healthy does not mean it is healthy. It could hide some medical conditions that you are not aware of. We will take care of your pet and run some tests to guarantee that your pet is really healthy.

Things To Bring In A Vet

To have a smooth process, you need to bring some things. We made a list down below to have them ready before you go to a veterinary clinic:

  • All the medical records, including its current medication. It is important for our vets to know your pet’s medical history to avoid any complications that may arise.
  • Stool samples. It is essential for annual parasite testing. Make sure that the stool is not longer than 24 hours.
  • Urine sample. If your pet has a urinary issue, make sure to bring a sample along with you. We offer a free urine kit, but a clean plastic container with a tight lid is also accepted. Make sure that you collect the urine just before you go to us because the urine can easily get contaminated, which may have unreliable results.
  • Pictures or lists of food that you’re feeding your pet. This is to check whether your pet has been eating the right food or if it is related to any complications. Some medical issues of your pets my be related to food, such as diabetes.
  • Take a video. This is if your pet has a condition that is very difficult to explain. You can show it to us for better understanding.
  • Make a list of your questions to ask our vet. As a pet owner, you want to make sure that the mysteries about your pet are answered. You do not have to worry because we give the right answers to all your queries.


Have your pet checked with Irving Veterinary to make sure that your pet is in its perfect health. We want your pet to be as healthy as you are!