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Why Choose Irving Pet Hospital

Our pets play a significant part in our family. So, when anything alarming comes up regarding their health, it is just as important to prioritize them as well. They also deserve a better life even in this pandemic. For help with health interventions on your pet, call us today!

Irving TX veterinarians offer complete and affordable veterinary care. With our team of pet care experts, your pet's health is our top priority. We also provide excellent service is our goal. Come to our office today to experience quality care for your pets.

Whether at your homes or in our pet care location (Irving TX veterinarians), guarantee to provide state-of-the-art comprehensive diagnostic services and advanced treatment options for all health issues of your pet.

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Irving Pet Hospital - Services

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    The Irving TX veterinarians provide the most comprehensive and compassionate care for your pet. Specifically, we specialize in care areas such as heart disease to cancer, broken bones to skin conditions, eyes, and ears to behavioral issues.

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    It is fundamental to pet care treatment to establish a definitive diagnosis and consistent monitoring. We focus on utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in the analysis of the health issues of your pet. Our specialists deliver accurate and timely consultative services to the animal health welfare and community.

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    In many respects, a veterinarian may be similar to what a pediatrician does to children. Because animals cannot talk, much of the pet’s clinical history is obtained from its owner, as a pediatrician would receive from a child's parents or guardians. Thus, excellent pet care skills and communication skills are highly required in the entire time frame of veterinary care counseling. With our animal health care community, we guarantee to keep you updated and directed on the things necessary to keep your pet’s health on track again!

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    When health problems arise with your pet or herd, be sure to get help from the pros. Our veterinarians provide animal neutering operations, and if necessary, we perform orthopedic procedures, bone setting, dentistry, and trauma surgery in critical cases.

    Our team provides numerous procedures, such as emergency lifesaving techniques, prescribing medication, setting fractures, birthing, performing surgery, or advising an owner on feeding and care of the animal. This is to ensure that your pet is not stressed out with our procurement in any way.

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    Pets should be vaccinated at all costs. This is crucial to protect them from highly contagious and deadly diseases. With us, we design a vaccination program that considers your pet's lifestyle, related disease risks, and the characteristics of available vaccines.

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    Our pet health care services include cleaning, adjusting, filing, extraction, or repairing your pets' teeth and other oral health care aspects. We use techniques to minimize pain and discomfort, so your pet accepts the procedure without haste!

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    If your pet develops glaucoma, our goal is to reduce the IOP as soon as possible. This is aimed to prevent permanent optic nerve damage and loss of vision for their health.

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    We use state-of-the-art DR systems for our veterinary care operation. This system makes our job easy, fast, and convenient, especially in producing high-quality images and rapid diagnosis when examining pets.

Welcome to the Irving Pet Hospital

Our training objective is not to live up to your expectations but to surpass them. Irving Pet Hospital gives top-notch treatment and is sure to make our furry patients comfortable. We also make sure to communicate to the pet owners the details of the treatment, what to expect and what they can do afterwards.

Irving TX Pet Hospital Services Offers:

Irving Pet Hospital

Irving Pet Hospital is an animal hospital that takes on all kinds of cases related to animals. We do animal check-ups, dental care, vaccinations, scanning, medical and dental treatment and more. Our team of veterinarians are licensed and highly-skilled to treat animals as well as provide the proper and adequate care for them.

Our facility is well-equipped with tools and instruments to ease the process of check-ups and diagnosis of illnesses that may be manifesting in your pets. These are very instrumental in giving the right treatment of your pets, keeping them safe and healthy at the same time. Our team also makes sure to communicate all findings to the pet owners and guide them towards what is best for their pets.

If you have an inquiry call Irving Pet Hospital or email us and we will respond to you immediately. Our Irving TX pet hospital is extremely happy to be of service to you and your pet. For more information about our facility, our organization and the services we offer, feel free to ask questions here.

At Irving Pet Hospital, we treat your pets like the esteemed relatives they are; very well taken care of.

Why Choose Irving Pet Hospital

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Our mission is to promote, preserve, and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the animals. We guarantee to employ effective control and regulation of veterinary medicine practice.

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(Irving TX Veterinarians) provide competent veterinary medical clinical care under the terms of a veterinarian-client-patient relationship protocol, with compassion and respect for animal welfare and human health.

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Our team of veterinarians is licensed in treating all types of health issues of pets and animals. The health and well-being of your pet are vital to us. Irving TX Veterinarians guarantee to take every step to give your pet or herd the best possible health care.

Irving Tx Veterinarians employ full-service animal care. We also take emergency cases as well as less urgent medical, surgical, and dental issues.


"The team’s professionalism, expertise, and comprehensive care make the most nervous pet and owner feel comfortable. We felt at ease even inside the vet care facility."

Jane O.

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"I have been thrilled with the service and care Irving TX Veterinarians has given to my cats and kittens. Will definitely be my lifetime partners!"

Olivia P.

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"Our dog, had an appointment today with Irving TX Veterinarians. They have provided us with compassionate, and the best care; they did so in the comfort of my Charlie.”

Princess T.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is an emergency vet visit in Irving?

There is no certain time that your pet would be in an emergency. It is important to know how much is an emergency vet visit in Irving? With this, you have an idea and be prepared. On average, an emergency visit would cost $800-$1,500. If your pet would need surgery, the total cost may add more.

How much are puppy shots in Irving?

Having a pet is such a wonderful experience and it is important to keep their health especially for puppies. One of which is to get their shots, but how much are puppy shots in Irving? Dog Vaccines or shots are recommended by veterinarians based on your puppy’s background such as breed and age. The average cost will be $75 to $100. This will include the core vaccines which will be administered in a series of three. When your puppy is 6 to 12, and 16 weeks old.

How much does a vet visit cost in Irving?

As a pet owner, aside from the happiness that they bring, it is also your priority to keep them healthy. A routine checkup to a vet clinic can be costly. You may want to know first how much does a vet visit cost in Irving? For a typical visit, this can cost less than $50 but the cost may change depending on the examination and the needs of your pet.

How much does dog grooming cost in Irving?

Grooming your pet is also one of your priorities. To keep their furs groomed and clean. However, how much does a dog grooming cost in Irving? Dog Groomers may ask an extra charge if they need to do some extra work for your pet such as teeth cleaning, flea treatments, and nail clipping. On average, you may expect to pay between $30 and $90 for the standard grooming. This also depends on the size of your pet and the amount of fur.

How much does it cost to neuter a dog in Irving?

Neutering a dog is quite beneficial. This may include canine overpopulation and testicular cancer to name a few. However, how much does it cost to neuter a dog in Irving? Getting this procedure can be affordable and this can cost between $50 to $250. The total cost may depend on your pet’s size and age.

How much does it cost to declaw a cat in Irving?

Declawing your pet cat may be the last option that you can do. This would depend on your cat’s behavior. But how much does it cost to declaw a cat in Irving? The average cost may range from $100 to $500.

How much does it cost to have a dog put down in Irving?

It is such a painful moment when you decide to put your precious pet to sleep. You have done everything that you need to keep them safe and healthy but it is such a pain to see them suffer. There are medical ways to put them down, but how much does it cost to have a dog put down in Irving? This process will be done through the supervision of a Vet. This may be costly and the average cost may range between $150 to $300. It involves the process of putting the pet down and cremation. But for putting the pet down, this may cost around $50 to $300 and up.